Breitling Bentley Motors T Replica Watch Review

Today I decided to talk about a Breitling Bentley Motors T replica; it is not mine, even if I wouldn’t mind this. It came last week and it is a gift from my sister in low for my brother. I really like Breitling watches, they are exactly what I adore about timepieces, solid, bulky, manly […]

Replica Watches Website Review: doesn’t have such an impressive appearance. Its online store is clean, sleek and simple. On one hand it is very easy to use and friendly, but on the other hand it just doesn’t send that professional vibe we are all looking for. It seems to be a regular replica watches online site. One that […]

Bvlgari Octo Gerald Genta Replica Watch Review

Bvlgari Octo Gerald Genta is one of the watches there has not been said enough of. It is a beautiful and very interesting watch with a manly and very modern design. It is not a very popular model, few people know about it and even fewer own it. But this is not a reason not […]

What makes a Rolex Replica an Oyster Perpetual Watch?

I am pretty sure you have noticed that on every single piece of Rolex there is written on the dial “Oyster Perpetual”. Do you know what this means? It is not a brand name or a collection type. The “Oyster Perpetual” is suitable for all the watches that are waterproof and have automatic movement. This […]

Tag Heuer Monaco 24 Replica Watch

Tag Heuer Monaco 24 is one of the truly unique and modern motor-racing-inspired designs. This chronograph watch brings the spirit of “Le Mans” on your wrist and impresses our senses with an orange and blue color combo over a dynamic black dial. As a tribute to “Le Mans”- the world’s oldest active sports car race […]

Breitling Superocean Heritage 46 Replica Watch

I have seen, touched and reviewed so many beautiful watches that it became very hard for one item to really impress me; hard but not impossible. There are still a lot of amazing timepieces out there that I either haven’t discovered yet, either hadn’t had the chance to talk about them. One of them is […]

Swiss Fakes vs Japanese Replica Watches

I am sure that you have very often considered the idea of buying a Swiss replica watch, but you were discouraged by its higher price tag. At that moment you were surely asking yourself why are Swiss fakes more expensive, what is the difference between these imitation watches and the ones equipped with a Japanese […]

Replica Watches: Do they have a smooth sweeping second hand?

Understanding what a smooth sweeping second hand is implies knowing the different between an automatic movement replica watch and a quartz fake. A quartz movement watch works with a battery and the second hand has that jerky movement and it makes that ticking noise. Automatic watches have a self winding mechanism and the second hand […]

Replica Watch Review: Rolex Submariner Stealth MK III and IV

What do you think about the Stealth edition for the Rolex models? Did you know about them? Rolex has Stealth editions for many of its models, but not everybody is familiar with these watches. There is a totally different design for them, a different approach. It is like somebody else created them more than a […]

Replica Watch Review: Breitling Avenger SeaWolf

The Breitling Avenger SeaWolf is one of the most beautiful dessgns this watch company ever produced, it is a sophisticated masterpiece. The color and the shape of the case make this watch perfect for young and strong men who like adventure and fashion in the same time. With a case diameter of 45.5mm and a […]