Stainless Steel, Ceramic or Cerachrom Bezel?

Over the years Rolex has made many changes to the quality of the bezel it uses for its watches. If the traditional Rolex models were manufactured with a stainless steel bezel, recently the company started launching never versions with a Ceramic or Cerachrom bezel. What are the benefits and particularities of these newer type of […]

Replica Watch Review: Rolex Submariner Gold Case Blue Dial

When you say Rolex Submariner you say style, quality, fine taste and luxury. There is no man on this planet that hasn’t heard of this magnificent watch and there is no watch collector that doesn’t have at least a replica of this model in his collection. Rolex Submariner is the world’s second best sold watch […]

Replica Watch Review: Rolex Deep Sea Challenge of James Cameron

The biggest challenge that Rolex has ever accepted was to create a watch capable of diving into the deepest point of this world’s oceans. This experimental watch is called Rolex Deep Sea Challenge and it was a success! The story of this watch begins in 1960 when captain Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard dived to […]

Replica Watch Review: Cartier Santos 100 XL Men

With so much advertising and so much focus on price, luxury and glam, there is no wonder that nowadays everyone dreams, breaths and craves for a Cartier watch. Wanting isn’t the same thing as having because luxury watches are very expensive. This is why buying a replica watch is the next best thing. Some are […]